The Golem is the second boss of the Caldoaxa Ruins. It was created by one of the gems that the professor lost. Its appearance is that of an upper human body formed of rocks, with no eyes and a cluster of green crystals on the top of its head.

The Golem can catch new players by surprise, as it is fought not long after the previous fight with Lester Sprawl. Going into this battle without leveling your defenses and/or bringing several healing items will result in getting sent back to the ship. This can be particularly devastating to players who didn't unlock the shortcut, as they are forced to trek all the way through the ruins to get back to the boss.

The Fight Edit

The Golem has two phases:

Phase One Edit

You can only hit the left arm and right arm during this phase.

There are three attacks it can use: a right arm punch, a left arm punch, and a boulder summon. Both punches cover about a third of the arena on the side they are on.

When only one hand is raised, it will attack with that arm. If you are targeting the arm that is raised, immediatley untarget it and move as fast as you can to the other side.

When both arms are raised, it will summon a boulder out of the sky. The hit box on the boulder is larger than you'd think, so move away from the boulder's shadow the moment you can see it.

Phase Two Edit

With both arms down, the attacks change. Now it uses: an "unavoidable" earthquake attack; and an unavoidable drain attack and an upgraded boulder summon with three boulders.

Staying near the body is the best option here, only move out of the way when it summons the boulders.

Tips Edit

During the earthquake attack, if you open and close the menu you can stagger the hits on the earthquake, possible taking no damage at all if you time it right.