Bosses are fought either before or after a major event (ex. before gaining the chef outfit you must fight the Red Panther) or before you can reach/gain a cell at the end of each island.

Deserted Island Edit

No bosses here, you lucky devil you

La Chef Beach Edit

Red Panther The boss of La Chef Beach. It lashes out at those around it with razor sharp claws and terrifying dexterity.

Caldoaxa Ruins Edit

Lester Sprawl The first boss of the Caldoaxa Ruins. A mysterious archaeologist with a watch that matches Terry's who is also after the cells. 
Lester Sprawl Fullbody
Golem The second boss of the Caldoaxa Ruins . This giant stone golem absorbed one of The Professor's cells. The only way to get the cell back is by defeating it.


Ft. Eagle Edit

Red Soldier

Brown Soldier

Wolf Leader

Wolf Squadron


Lester Sprawl


Aegis Edit